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Internationales Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart. Ein Rückblick von David Manukyan

Mai 22 - Mai 30

Die Welt befindet sich zum größten Teil noch im Lockdown, aber unsere Selbstisolation bedeutet nicht, dass wir aufhören, Kunst zu erleben. Trotz oder mittels COVID-19 findet die Kunst zig neue Wege, sich auf die digitale Rezeption einzustellen. Wir und unsere Partner suchen seit dem nach innovativen Möglichkeiten, um unseren interessierten Publikum weiterhin Kunst-und Kultur zu vermitteln. Unsere ständig wachsende Liste der Online-Veranstaltungen wurde jetzt mit Reviews von aktuellen deutschen Filmfestivals bereichert.

Das Goethe-Zentrum Eriwan im Zusammenarbeit mit ReAnimania Animationsfilmfestivals hatte letztes Jahr eine Werkstatt für Animationskritiker und Journalisten organisiert. Die Workstatt dauerte vom 09.09-15.09.2019 und wurde vom Filmkritiker Klaus Löser geleitet. Die Autoren von den besten zwei Kritiken bekamen dadurch eine Möglichkeit an dem Animationsfestival in Stuttgart teilzunehmen und ihre Rezensionen zu schreiben. Hier nun ein Beitrag von David Manukyan.

David Manukyan is studying at RAU (Russian-Armenian University). ‘’I really appreciate the role and significance of cinema. Cinema has always played an important role in my life, and I have always wanted to be closer to the film industry. By participating in ReAnimania, I was given the opportunity to get closer to the film industry and understand many of the nuances associated with both animated films and feature films. For my participation and victory, I am grateful to the animated films Away and Flut. ReAnimania and ITFS have given me extremely important lessons and invaluable moments. These festivals have also become a reason and means of justifying the love of the film industry’’.

Internationales Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart (ITFS) is a unique festival for those who work in animation sphere nowadays – this festival gives a huge opportunity to young directors and animators to show the world their animation films and ideas and problems that are important exactly for them. ITFS is a free zone for creative people and besides the meaning part the animators introduce many animation techniques due to which a lot of interesting films are created. The technique diversity is also one of the peculiarities of the festival. Different animation techniques make the watching process more interesting and they are able to surprise even the most skilled audience.

“International Wettbewerb” is one of the central competitive programs during which short films from all around the world are shown and each of them has its special style. It’s impossible to be indifferent to them. The films are varied and they surprise with their uniqueness: from classic 2D animation to rather complicated but also amazing plasticine animation. Such films make you like animation more and understand its aims. In case of both the animation and the meaning the most impressive films of the year are as follows: Kosmonaut by Kaspar Jancis, Kujiranoyu by Mizuki Kiyama, Já-Fólkið by Gísli Darri Halldórsson, Sororelle by Frédéric Even, Louise Mercadier, Domus by Delphine Priet-Maheo, Symbiosis by Nadja Andrasev, Acid Rain by Tomek Popakul), On ne mozhet zhit bez kosmosa (dir. Konstantin Bronzit), Dcera by Dariq Kashcheeva, Traces by Hugo Frassetto, Sophie Tavert Macian and so on.

Next “Animovie” program is devoted to feature-length animation films which are also introduced by different countries and different animation techniques. Each of the films will surely find its audience – here we have both beautiful teaching stories for younger people (A Costume for Nicolas by Eduardo Rivero, L’Extraordinaire Voyage de Marona by Anca Damian) and stories for adults, which contain an important message (Zero Impunity by Nicolas Blies, Stéphane Hueber-Blies).

There is also a special “Tricks for Kids” section, where the best animation films are introduced – amusing and interesting stories are told for the younger generation, which will surely teach the best to children and give unforgettable emotions.

Panorama series films will definitely be mentioned, as the newest animation techniques are used there and due to such films animators start gradually using new techniques and developing the animation genre. These films give space for maximum freedom of creativity, social criticism in the form of satire and unique concepts.

During the festival besides the competitive films some beloved and accepted animation projects are shown (Mary & Max by Adam Elliot, Ethel and Ernest by Roger Mainwood and so on). Such projects are already bright examples of animation films and are a source of inspiration for young animators.

Due to the freedom given by ITFS and the love towards innovations this festival gets very interesting and special every year and this year isn’t an exception. Such festivals provide a constant place and audience for animation films.


Mai 22
Mai 30