20 EU-Supported Cultural and Cross Innovation Projects Now Being Implemented in EaP Countries

30 January 2024 – An online event was organised by the EU4Culture project, gathering the representatives of the 20 Cultural and Cross-Innovation projects from the Eastern Partnership Countries. The meeting aimed to provide a platform for international networking between the projects, funded by the European Union (EU), which will be implemented throughout 2024.

The EU allocated a total of EUR 275,000 for the selected Cultural and Cross-Innovation projects of artists and cultural professionals from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, and the Republic of Moldova. With a grant of up to EUR 25,000 each, 20 initiatives will be implemented by non- profit organisations in 13 cities, all of which are participating in theEU4Culture Cities Network. Importantly, these projects have been developed in line with the Cultural Development Strategies created by the municipalities of these cities with the support of EU4Culture. Hence, these initiatives reflect the project’s major goal of supporting the decentralisation and regional development of cultural and creative industries in the Eastern Partnership Countries.

During the event, the participants presented and discussed the Cultural and Cross-Innovation projects. Considering that horizontal issues such as inclusivity and environmental sustainability are integrated into the 20 initiatives, such topics were at the forefront of the multicultural dialogue.

“Providing financial support to the cultural and creative industries with a special focus on regions is essential for empowering artists and cultural professionals to develop opportunities within their hometowns, cities, and villages. The Cultural and Cross-Innovation projects, supported by EU4Culture, will create such opportunities and demonstrate the positive impact of art and culture on socio-economic development and multilateral dialogue, “says Dr. Anatoli Beifert, the Head of EU4Culture Project.

The 20 Cultural and Cross-Innovation projects delve into several directions within the creative sectors. Some are orientated toward performing arts, while others focus on multimedia content development, city branding, and architecture, among other sectors.

With a budget of EUR 7.85 million, EU4Culture is a four-year project funded by the European Union to support the culture and creative sector with a special focus on non- capital cities and towns in the Eastern Partnership Countries. The project is implemented by Goethe-Institut (Lead), Czech Centers, Danish Cultural Institute, and Institut Français de Géorgie.